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We are changing the way hoteliers understand and communicate with their guests

The Concilio Labs team spent over a decade working hoteliers worldwide. Our accomplishments from MICROS (now Oracle) gives us credibility and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and its growing needs. Today, as the Concilio management team makes strategic decisions, we remember our roots and leverage our collective experience, past and present, to build an organization focused on aiding and changing the industry.

With the industry focused on guest personalization and loyalty, we were driven and committed to solving these issues by developing smarter technology than what’s available in the marketplace today. Concilio’s Insight Engine is quickly becoming the guest intelligence platform hoteliers want. More importantly, it’s empowering hoteliers to think about what’s possible, beyond traditional and existing capabilities in other similar tools.

We provide hoteliers with actionable insights to create personalized guest experiences

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